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Facebook Instant Article Got Banned

Facebook Instant Article Got Banned  –If you are reading this article that means you are banned from Facebook Instant Article . Today i also got banned notification from Facebook Article . My website is based on News Niche in which i am posting viral news , breaking news , entertainment News etc . Today when i am accessing my Facebook , I got a notification that i am no longer available to use facebook Instant Article . And from that time i am looking for the solution , how to resolve this issue .

The banned notification From Facebook Instant Article 

You’ve Lost Access to Instant Articles

We’ve created Monetization Eligibility Standards to help publishers understand how to earn money with Instant Articles. You’ve lost access to Instant Articles because you’ve violated these standards. Review the standards to learn how to make your Page eligible.


When i have seen this message from that time , i am looking for solution of this issue , But upto now i am not able to get rid of this issue . If you are also like me or you have also got this notification then you can only Review your website again to Facebook Instant Article but note that there is only one chance to review your website

if anybody got solution of this error please let us know , i will your reviews through this website to everyone .


As per Facebook Instant Article Terms you must Comply with this standards 

Comply with our Community Standards

To access Facebook’s monetization features, creators and publishers must comply with our existing policies, including our Community Standards. Creators and publishers that have violated our Community Standards, including our community policies regarding intellectual property, authenticity, and user safety, may be ineligible or may lose their eligibility to monetize using our features.

If you believe your content may have violated our Community Standards, you can check for a notification here. If you believe you may have violated our policies regarding intellectual property, you can find more information here.

Comply with our Payment Terms

Creators and publishers must comply with Facebook’s Payment Terms or may lose their eligibility to use our monetization features.

Comply with our Page Terms

Creators publishing content from a Page must comply with our Page Terms, or may lose their eligibility to use our monetization features.

Adhere to our Content Guidelines for Monetization

To be eligible for monetization using our features, content must meet our Content Guidelines for Monetization. Content that does not meet this criteria may be ineligible for monetization, and repeated violations of this criteria may result in removal of your access to our monetization features. You can read more about this here.

Share authentic content

Creators and publishers posting content flagged as misinformation and false news may be ineligible or may lose their eligibility to monetize. You can read more about this here. Creators and publishers sharing clickbait or sensationalism may be ineligible or lose their eligibility to monetize. You can read more about this here.

Develop an established presence

Creators and publishers must have an authentic, established presence on Facebook. To be eligible for all monetization features, this means having an established presence for at least one month. To access our Ad Break product, this also includes maintaining a sufficient follower base, indicated by your Facebook friends or followers.

If you’ve lost access to our monetization features, but you believe you should be eligible, you can submit an appeal here. Review time depends on many factors, and we review these submissions as quickly as possible.

Please note that Facebook reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate access to, or discontinue the availability of, the content monetization features at any time.




Updated: October 7, 2017 — 12:35 am

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