PSSSB Punjabi-English Typing First Day Experience 2016

PSSSB Punjabi-English Typing First Day Experience 2016

PSSSB Punjabi-English Typing First Day Experience 2016 – Today I was given Punjab SSSB Clerk/DEO Punjabi-English Typing Test . With that post i can share our experience of PSSSB Punjabi/English 23 May 2016 Typing Test . Huge number of candidates fill this psssb  2664 clerk posts recruitment application form 2015 . Everyone got government jobs so for your best future i can share our personal experience that helps you very much for your final PSSSB Punjabi/English Typing Test 2016 . If you follows my these instructions i can told you were got good result . Read these some instructions that is useful for your typing speed .

Punjab SSSB Typing Test Reviews & PSSSB Online Punjabi/English Typing Test Important Instructions

PSSSB Punjabi-English Typing First Day Experience 2016

I can show you my personal experience of First Day Punjabi/English Typing Test of Punjab SSSB Clerk & DEO Vacancies :

  • Firstly we can follows all instructions which are given you in Test Center .
  • We were check our all buttons of keyboards and use that computer which is satisfied you .
  • After that you can given Demo Test of 2 Minute . In that time you can check our all doubts regarding keyboard keys .
  • Its not important in demo time you can type same words which are given in demo test, In that time you can set our fingers in keyboards properly for preparation of Main Test .
  • In my personal experience I can told all of you, In demo test when you type you can also see our typed words  . This is help you in main test because we can judgement our mistakes .
  • After Demo Test, I can feel relax and thinking i am at home its just my daily practice type test . I have no tension before starting test .
  • When Main Test is start, I can start very slow typing & just concentrate on typing correct words that is very good for me starting 1 minute that time I have no mistake .
  • After 1 minute when I got confidence of correct words typing, I can increase our typing speed automatic without any stress . In that time I was just concentrate our computer screen words .
  • One important point for all aspirants, When you type & also see our words which are typed by you . If any wrong word is type you can use Backspace .
  • Don’t see time continuously, You can see only paragraph words and our type words .
  • This method is very useful for me because I can correct our wrong words mostly .
  • I was just type one speed only and don’t take tension of time, I can typed only just one flow of speed .
  • If you change our speed regularly after some time then you feel panic and you typed wrong words more .
  • Today In test I was feel panic at one moment when I take tension of time but recently I can handle situation with help of good methods that I was told you in this post .
  • If you type full paragraph then you click on Repeat Button and typed once again from starting .
  • After Punjabi Typing in break time of 5 minute you feel relaxed and don’t panic .
  • In English typing you can also follow same process .
  • In Punjabi typing you can confirm typing methods of all words like those which is typed by using ‘shift key’ .
  • Today I take no tension at last with that method I was see more than 350 words typed which is surprised for me because my speed is slow but with that little tricks I can gain our typing speed .
  • So I can advice you, follow these instructions I hope you got very good speed in test .

All the best Guys…

PSSSB Online Mock Test Punjabi/ English Online Typing Test

Note- If you have any issue regarding PSSSB Punjabi-English Typing First Day Experience 2016 , then you can comment us , we will help you out 


Updated: June 25, 2016 — 10:06 pm


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  1. due to make mistake by candidates that apply three time and issued roll no. three time at same place and same he take test one time as candidature or not?

    1. sir…my english typing speed is approximately 40 wpm bt punjabi is only 10 wpm…my exan will be on 10th june…so what i should do ?

  2. Dear concern ,

    As you guys are conducted the online typing test on the behalf of SSSB , i want to know that many students who appear in the exam on 23/05/2016 give very bad feedback of your online software . Can you please help me to clear this doubt is there is really a problem with your online software during the exam. As your software is not working but the time displayed on it is continuously running and the invigilators also have no knowledge regarding these issues.

  3. god bless to all the candidates

  4. sir…my english typing speed is approximately 40 wpm bt punjabi is only 10 wpm…my exan will be on 10th june…so what i should do ?

    1. Sir, plz tell whether the calculation in the test is based on strokes or on word basis . As i have practice through online website which shows me result of 30 wpm speed in 10 minutes but when i used to type in microsoft word i type 325-330 words only in 10 minutes. Test kiwe check hunda sir. I am so confused. plz reply me.

  5. Sir plz i wnna give now mock test why u closed this test

  6. Akashdeep sir …meri punjabi Di speed 220 per 10 mint hai and English approximately 280 hai ….main test deva ja rehn deva……And repeat key after 300 words de use karni hai…..means jo ohna be paragraph dena hai at least 300 words da hovega…plz reply me

    1. sir tusi practice kro speed increase ho jayegi

  7. Can anybody tell recent experience about the typing test, as the demo was very bad. If the actual typing test also had the same problem of showing more mistakes than actually made

  8. thank you for such great typing tips…hope i keep these tips in my mind during exam….tomorow is my exam.. i ll share my experience with you guys

  9. Malkeet Singh Ray

    best of luck for test all the friends. God bless all of you. Praise the Lord. Amen.

  10. jihna ne exam de dita plz oh dass skde ho ki highlight hunde ne word jehre apa type krde ne ..ja nai? te test mock test de vang hi anda hai..galati na hovn te vi galati dsda hai ….

  11. sir my punjabi typing speed is 29 to 37 and same in english and i daily practice 13500 strocke english and punjabi so pls tell why my speed is not stable many time speed is show 35 to33 but some time 29 so pls give me tips

    1. Akash Deep Singh

      Practice with concentration sir

  12. please menu eh dasso ki punjabi vich Bindi vale akhar kive type karne ne. Shift dba ke single akhar pauna hai ya pehla ikla akhar type karke baar vich bindi pauni hai. Please sir tell me

    1. Akash Deep Singh

      shift dba k ekala ekala akshar type kro

  13. lab number-8 tangori mein kisi ka paper hua hai toh pls tell me the name of keyboard

    1. Akash Deep Singh

      hcl , lenovo

  14. Sir,
    I want to know what is the problem with the online software of Punjabsssboard?
    My friend had given the test but the software was showing her mistakes in paragraph 45 in English and 43 in Punjabi. But actually her typing speed is very good with no mistake. But why the software of Punjabsssboard showing wrong result. Could you please tell me why this kind of problem happen with all such candidates who are doing practice from last one and half year for this typing test.
    We think that — Practice make a man prefect .
    Now after saw this situations all the candidate including me think that
    Your own Luck and this software will decide will make you perfect or not…………………..

    Please do some necessary action so that the future of all the hardworking candidates will be safe..

    1. Vikram Shiv Pratap

      Sorry ji….there there is not any problem in software
      I also practiced for near about a year. I cleared the test and among the 70 candidates only me was to clear. And this thinking was also in my mind as u r thinking about the software of test. But believe me i can type more than 60 words of English and more than 45 in pun per minute. But in the test i just typed 437 words of eng and 377 words of pun in 9 min. Last min i just checked the mistakes . I did 5 mistakes in eng and 7.5 in pun.many were there who were crying after the test they typed more than 500 words but did too manu mistakes around 100. I did everything with proper caution and get the result acc. To my hope. So u can’t say that somebody types so many words in the house and he will type same in test as well. Test pressure and environment is different from house. Many candidates who did not passed the test they are blaming software but those who cleared, what do u think at that time they paid something to computer no yaar.. luck always matter but machines did not know luck they will only give that what we inputs…so plz give test with concentration and also practice not think ur frnd was very good and he couldn’t pass it means u also can’t pass.. even experts can do mistake…we r not god….on duty teachers were also saying all those who were saying our speed is 60 or 70 many among them were not able to pass the test…its not game of speed just 300 correct words not any thing else….accuracy always matters …..khair baki rabb e jane te ohi sb da rakha….

      1. Totally Agree with U Mr. Vikram Shiv Partap…Thanks for d great words..

      2. sir i came to know that software is not faulty but there is issue with internet speed due to slow speed words are uploading partially that is why it is showing too many mistakes

    2. veer fix h.. saara kam software.. scam h bahut bada

  15. Akshdeep ji,, plz tell whether the calculation in the test is based on strokes or on word basis . As i have practice through online website which shows me result of 35 wpm speed in 10 minutes (calculated on strokes basis)but when i used to type in microsoft word i just type 300-305 words only in 10 minutes which means approx 30 wpm speed and if i did some mistakes then speed goes down to 25 to 26 wpm.

  16. Respected Sir, please tell me punjabi vich Bindi vale akhar jive ke sasa bindi, fafa bindi etc. kive type karne ne. Shift dba ke sasa bindi, fafa bindi etc. jo ke ikathe chapde han oh paune han ya pehlan ikla sasa or fafa type karke baad vich bindi A key to pauni hai. Please sir tell me.

  17. Respected Sir, please tell me Rayat Bahra Skill Development Centre, Lab No. 4 vich kihri company de key boards han ate ki oh flat shape vich han ya ladder shape vich han.

  18. Sir ji lab no.5 ch Kis company de keyboard aa te ohna d shape Ki aa pls tell me

    1. chamkaur ji myself shallu mera exam 17 june ko hi hai kya apka exam ho gaya aur kis tarah se tha mention plz

  19. ki koi dasega k Ludhiana to Tangori jaan lyi raste ch kive n kitho bus vgera change krnia…Plz..

    1. Kharar chla javi veer otho auto le lwi

      1. Thanx veeray..Kharar utar k fit auto te college da name dasda? auto te kinay k time da rasta hoyega..?

        1. hi ankush u simply take bus to kharar …bus will drop u on landran after landran u have to take either bus or auto and told them to take you tangori…

          1. thank u so much reet…u exactly right path said that i followed on 31st may…hehehe..mission tangori is now completed..anyhow thanxs once again..

  20. sir mainu eh daso k bindi wale akhr kive pai hun shift naal k A toh .hun typing ch tan shift naal paon di adaat pey gai hai.j oh shift nal error show kard hai tan eh tension wali gal hai and othe mouse use karn pey rha hai paragraph nu next karn lai .

  21. please tell me should we have to leave space before full stop or not… if any candidate passed and have little mistake can tell me here… please reply. and also tell me if i forget one word it is counted only one mistake or after that all mistake will be counted. and somebody is saying that when we use backspace after enter it is calculate mistake even then.. Is it true?? Please suggest….

  22. Pls koi veer dsuga lab no.5 ch skill development centre rayat bahra ch Kis company de keyboard aa

  23. plz tell me

    psssb mock test da effect main exam te ta nahi panda bcz mock test ne result fail show kita c

    pls tell me

  24. Sir, plz tell that how many times we can press backspace key ? and after pressing space key, can we edit the word previously typed?

    1. You can press backspace key as many times as you want n yes after pressing space key you edit the previous word

  25. is assess font keyboard should be shown during punjabi typing test?

    1. there will be option to select asees or joy image should be shown of asees font keyboard during test..

      1. Ki sssb panchayat sectary vich normal English keyboard te Punjabi typing da test de skde shift nal word pende hn jis te asses or joy font bare kuch pta nhi hai

  26. sir next step ki hoy ga sssb walia da typing clar hon wale candidate nu written dena pwega hun ya intervw hoygi kuj dso is bare menu plz

  27. Sir what will be the next step for candidates which clear their typing test..

    1. Simrn ji tuhade room cho kine candidate ne clr kr lia c typing test ?

  28. I had clear the test.
    Very easy test Punjab SSSB same mock test.
    English 35 speed
    Punjabi 34 speed
    Mock trial test are available on site
    English and Punjabi mock test are in Blue colour link on this web site
    If any Candidate has any query then he can contact me on 08872466966

  29. 20 candidate sitting arrangement in my room.

    total 7 were present and rest 13 were absents

    and finally 2 candidates including me

  30. 20 candidate sitting arrangement in my room.

    total 7 were present and rest 13 were absents

    and finally 2 candidates clear the exam including me

    1. How many candidate pass the typing test ? In ur room ?

  31. sir my speed in english and punjabi both are very good but i only qualify in punjabi i think in enlish paragraph is not 300 words so i did not complete plz tell me its software mistakes or its only my mind thinking that word is not 300 in my exam. My exam was on 17 june in morning plz sir answer my question

    1. Sonia Its only ur mind thinking or u missed any fullstop or single character or word that dint complete ur 300 words, Its not any kind of Software mistake.

  32. plz koi das skda eh “Asees or Joy Font” da ki chakar hai me ta punjabi normal keyboard te practice kr reha ha ki normal keyboard(english keyboard) allow hovega ?

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